Smart Manufacturing

Zero-Integration Machine Data Collection System for Industrial IoT

  • Icon For Done-circle Founded in 1959 with a registered capital of 1 billion RMB, SINOMACH is committed to researching and developing robots and key components, smart equipment, intelligent manufacturing technologies and related products to provide system solutions for industrial customers.
  • Icon For Done-circle As a strategic partner and solution supplier of SINOMACH, Soteria Networks offered a zero-integration machine data collection system that universally accommodates factory machines and can be deployed without affecting production line operation. This system monitors machine status and energy consumption, offers real-time data intelligence, such as the OEE analysis and MTBF analysis, and enables further AI big data implementation. The outstanding features include integration-free, low-cost, and cloud-ready. It was carefully chosen by SINOMACH after thorough due diligence as the preferred solution for their industrial customers.
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