Enterprise Software Acceleration Platform (ESAP)

ESAP supports enterprise grade multi-tenant information asset management, streamlined application integration and advanced application-level information security.

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SAML Identity Provider

The de facto standard for enterprise single sign on that creates, maintains, and manages identity information for principals and provides principal authentication to other service providers within a federation.

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OAuth2 Server

Provides authorization flows for applications and smart devices; Supports single sign on capability as SAML identity providers; We implemented OAuth2 server as a SAML service provider so that authentication providers can be shared.

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TOTP Server

Multi-factor authentication using a time based one-time passcode; Pre-integrated with our SAML identity server out of the box. The passcode contains 4, 6 or 8 number digits to be received through text message or email.

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API Gateway

A critical infrastructure component for service oriented architect; Supports API registration, discovery and routing; Completely extracts access control configuration and enforcement from business services.

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Organization & Asset Management

Supports corporation directory, user and device lifecycle management in multi-tenancy mode. Offers flexible entity attribute expansion and data segregation

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Role/Attribute Based Access Control

Implements National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) role and attribute based access control.

The Benefits

  • Resourceful: Provide most technical know-hows for software development.
  • Demonstrative: Implemented with the latest technologies and demonstrated the how-to for software developers.
  • Secure: State of art application information security management, elegant separation from busienss logic.
  • Flexible: Support on-premise and cloud neutral deployment.
  • Cost-Effective: Rich features with state of art CI/CD at competitive price.
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